The Weekly Accountability Report 7-12-2014 – Activities / I Wanna Go Fast

Last weeks accountability report was a little long because of the amount of free time I had on my hands. This week hasn’t been much different. Not having to get my daily run in has given me an abundance of extra time on my hands. To add to that free time, my wife and daughter took off for the week, so I have not been able to run and I have been a bachelor.

I think the first thing that goes through every married man’s head when he finds out his wife  and kids are going to be gone for a week is…


Women aren’t fools. Men may act like they are going to go live it up and do a bunch of “activities” when our spouses are away, but what actually happens is we work late without feeling guilty, stop and get take out on the way home, and are in front of our TV watching sports or a movie with no pants on by 7pm and we are passed out in bed or in front of the TV by 10:30pm.

scienceI did, however, break from the usual bachelor routine that I laid out above. I decided to live on the edge on Friday night and I went to a 10:30pm movie with my brother in law. Anyone that knows me knows that the only time I stay up past 11pm is when I am running Ragnar (and that worked out great for me this year). I must have been delirious due to the late showtime. I actually bought something from the concession stand. Four dollars and fifty cents for a SMALL smoothie later I remembered why I never buy treats from the movie theater.

movie theater

I may have bought I smoothie, but I restored balance to my world with the treats I snuck in to the movie. I had a foot long hoagie sandwich in my front pocket and a bag of ChexMix tucked in my back. I’m classy like that. Sneaking treats into movie theaters is about as rebellious as I get, so this was huge bad boy moment for me. 🙂

The movie, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes was Excellent! Go see it! Watch Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes first if you have not seen it. You won’t be disappointed.


I decided to see another movie this afternoon. I went to the new Transformers (part 4 if you are counting). It was what I expected from a movie with talking robots that transform into cars (and dinosaurs now!). Don’t waste you money, wait for Redbox or skip it altogether. If you have boys from the ages of 12-16, you may want to send them. They will love it.


Since this is a running blog, I guess I better write a little bit about my running. Today is exactly two weeks since I hurt my ankle and I am happy to be able to report that my ankle is feeling really good considering how bad the sprain was. I have made up my mind that I am going to try running on my ankle for the first time since the accident on Monday. My mind is telling me…


My body and brain, however, are telling me to be smart. For once, I am going to listen to my body and my brain. I am going to ease into my running. You can really call what I am going to be doing jogging or yogging, it could be a soft ‘j’. 🙂


Since I have been resting for two weeks, I am setting the goal of “yogging” 15 miles next week. Yup! You read it here first. Fifteen miles!


I look forward to reporting back in next weeks accountability report. Here’s to hoping I have less time for activities and more time for fitness.

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    • Thanks Janeen! I’m going to be careful. I am going to take it EXTRA SLOW. I need to work off some of the extra food I’ve been eating before I push it.

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