This week was an all around stellar week. I kicked off the week with a 14.1 mile trail run with about 50 of my closest friends from “The Run Aways” and “Run4Fun” running groups. You wont find a better group of people or more committed group of runners anywhere. The run was HILLY and challenging but the spread of food that was put out for us when we finished was nothing short of spectacular. Unfortunately, I had to withstand from eating some of the doughnuts, waffles, cookies, and other items of tasty goodness. I’m still on a mission to lose a few more pounds.

Shaggy Mountain 4

That is me in the sleeveless white shirt on the front row in between two legends. The one and only Johnny Ahn and Wan Ho Jerry Kou.



Johnny and I decided to do a little sun bathing after the run to unwind. Johnny decided to go shirtless. I decided to spare the other runners disabling blindness and kept my shirt on. ūüôā


Somehow our post run conversation turned into a impromptu group human pyramid. Not a bad looking pyramid if you ask me.

Recovering with Tamsin

As mentioned above, the run was extremely hilly and I was a little more sore than usual. I often put my legs up while my wife rocks my daughter to sleep, but Monday, Tamsin wanted to put her feet up with me. This was the perfect end to a great day.

Tuesday I ran another 7 miles followed by an hour and half of bikram yoga on Wednesday and rest on Thursday. Friday, I finally lifted weights again for the first time since the week before the Ogden Marathon. Finally, Saturday, I ran with a group of the Run Aways for 12.15 solid miles.

Group Run Selfie!¬†Everyone of these guys is an amazing runner, and they take a good lookin’ selfie.

Post sat run breakfast

I was HUNGRY after the run Saturday, so I decided that I should take my wife on a date for¬†breakfast. I ordered an omelet and two pancakes. I was expecting normal sized pancakes, instead I was served two pancakes that obviously took a whole box of pancake mix to create. I surprised myself and ate about 3/4 of the pancakes. Thank goodness I ran 12 miles or the scale wouldn’t have been kind.

Speaking of the scale. I lost 2.6 pounds this week, brining my weight down to 191.8. I’m almost in the 180’s!

Finally, my summer reading giveaway ended on Friday at midnight. The lucky winner is David Joseph Neville! Enjoy reading your copy of Bowerman And The Men Of Oregon David.

Workout Log:

  • Monday¬†=¬†14.1 miles (running)
  • Tuesday¬†=¬†7.0¬†(running)
  • Wednesday¬†=¬†100¬†Minutes of Bikram Yoga
  • Thursday¬†=¬†¬†Rest
  • Friday¬†=¬†¬†4 miles (running)¬†/ Lifted Legs
  • Saturday¬†=¬†12.15 miles (running)
  • Sunday¬†=¬†Rest

Weekly Totals:

  • Running =¬†37.35¬†miles
  • Bikram Yoga =¬†1 hour 40 minutes
  • Total Miles =¬†37.35¬†miles
  • Weigh In =¬†191.8 pounds¬†– down 2 pounds

May Totals:

  • Running =¬†136.05¬†miles
  • Total Miles =¬†136.05 miles
  • Weights =¬†1¬†hr 30min
  • Yoga =¬†6¬†hours¬†


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