Weekly Accountability Report – 3/2/2014 – The Final Countdown!

Today is exactly two months since I truly started my challenge to get under 200 pounds. I say truly started because I first declared my challenge on this blog back in November, it just took me until New Years day to get serious about it. So far, it has been a successful journey. I am down over 30 pounds, and at the time of this blog post, I am just under 6 pounds (5.8 pounds to be exact) away from achieving my goal. I figure that as long as I don’t mess up horribly in the coming month, I will achieve my goal by the end of March.

Ever since I saw 205.8 on the scale during my weigh in this week (down another 2 pounds) the band Europe’s song “The Final Countdown” has been popping in and out of my head. Fans of the sitcom Arrested Development will know this song as the lead in music to Gob starting one of his magic trick shows (sorry Gob. Illusion show. We all know that a trick is something a whore does for money, or candy).


Eating a healthy diet has gotten much easier since I started, as have the miles I am running. It is also getting easier to lift the weights that I added to my routine in January. I wish I could say that it is easier not to eat pizza, but a love like that is not easy to let go of. Thousands of songs have been written about the type of unconditional love that pizza and I have for each other. Luckily, my cravings for sugar have subsided substantially. I don’t crave ice cream or other sweets very often; however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t days I wouldn’t kill for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. That stuff will change your life and make you a better person if you eat enough of it. A better person, but in the end a heavier person as well. 🙂

This weeks and this months mileage totals are below. If I include elliptical miles, I cracked over a hundred miles for the second month in a row. I’m pretty thrilled about that. Here’s to hoping March is a strong month as well!

Workout Log:

  • Monday = 6.30 running (running), weights
  • Tuesday = 2.25 miles (running), 4.0 miles (elliptical), weights
  • Wednesday = 6.30 (running), weights
  • Thursday = 2.3 miles (running), 4.0 miles (elliptical), weights
  • Friday = Rest
  • Saturday = 8.0 (the last mile was the fastest mile I have run this year. I will not be saying that pace it was because it is still not that fast) 🙂 
  •  Sunday = Rest

Weekly Totals:

  • Running = 25.68 miles
  • Elliptical = 8 miles
  • Total Miles = 33.68
  • Weigh In = Down another 2.0 pounds (205.8) – 6 more pounds!!!

February Totals:

  • Running = 91.33 miles 
  • Elliptical = 24.17 miles 
  • Total Miles = 115.50 miles
  • Weights = 5 hrs 50 minutes


You’re welcome. 

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