The picture below pretty much sums up my week of training in a nutshell.


I went to bed Sunday night with a horrible muscle ache all over my body. I figured I would take Monday and possibly Tuesday off and I would be ready to work out hard the rest of the week. On Wednesday, while I still felt a little ill my wife and daughter came down with a flu bug. We were lucky that their sickness was short lived. After staying home on on Thursday morning to help out, I finally felt ready to go back to the gym on Friday. I ran 6.25 good miles and lifted my legs and felt good during the work out. However, almost directly after the work out I felt awful. I figured I just needed some food but the sick feeling progressed after I ate. I limped through work until about 1pm until I could not sit up straight anymore. I’ve been at home nursing myself back to health ever since.

I haven’t had two bouts with the flu this close together in years. It has been pretty frustrating, but overall it has not derailed me from my goals. I still lost two pounds this week by watching my diet. Who knows how much I lost the past few days while practically eating nothing. The biggest downside to this sickness is that it totally messed with my March mileage. I should still hit 100 miles between running and cross training, but I hate knowing that it could have been 125-130. Oh well, onward and upward.

I am fairly certain I will be back at the gym Monday morning continuing my journey to 185 pounds and a sub 22 minute 5k. Here’s to hoping!

Workout Log:

  • Monday = Rest
  • Tuesday = Rest
  • Wednesday = Rest
  • Thursday = Rest
  • Friday =  6.25 miles (running), weights
  • Saturday = Rest
  • Sunday = Rest

Weekly Totals:

  • Running = 6.25 miles
  • Elliptical = 0 miles
  • Total Miles = 6.25 miles
  • Weigh In = Down another 2.0 pounds (197.4) 

March Totals:

  • Running = 80.29 miles 
  • Elliptical = 13.81 miles 
  • Total Miles = 94.1 miles
  • Weights = 5hr 00min


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