The Weekly Accountability Report 3-22-2014 – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Everything seemed to go according to plan this week. I was able to get all of my workouts in and end up with one of my highest mileage weeks since I started my journey to lose weight. More importantly, I was also able to achieve my goal of getting my weight under 200 pounds ahead of schedule (I’ll be writing another post on achieving the goal later)!

In addition to the thrill of weighing in under 200 pounds for the first time in years, I was treated to the surprise of being picked in the lottery to run in the 39th Marine Corps Marathon. I say surprise, because I had forgotten that my wife had entered me in the lottery. I vaguely remember telling her when she asked if she could put my name in the lottery, “why not, I’ll never get picked anyway in a race of that size.”

Getting picked in the lottery helped settle an ongoing argument I’ve been having with myself about whether I was going to run a marathon this year. Now, not only do I know that I will be running in a marathon this year, I know that I will be running in the largest marathon I have ever participated in. Even larger than the Boston Marathon. Simply put, I am very excited.

Marine Corps Marathon


Workout Log:

  • Monday = 6.5 miles (running), weights
  • Tuesday = 3.31 miles (running), 3.56 (elliptical), weights
  • Wednesday = 6.25 miles (running), weights
  • Thursday = Rest
  • Friday =  6.25 miles (running), weights
  • Saturday = 6.25 miles (running), stretching
  • Sunday = Rest

Weekly Totals:

  • Running = 28.61 miles
  • Elliptical = 3.56 miles
  • Total Miles = 32.17 miles
  • Weigh In = Down another 1.0 pounds (199.4) – I accomplished my goal! Post coming soon!

March Totals:

  • Running = 74.04 miles 
  • Elliptical = 13.81 miles 
  • Total Miles = 87.85 miles
  • Weights = 4hr 30min

4 thoughts on “The Weekly Accountability Report 3-22-2014 – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

  1. Congrats on getting in to the MCM! Cool! I myself am aiming to be under 200 eventually, it happened a couple of years ago and I clearly remember the surreal moment as I was standing on that scale! Good work!

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