I swear the gods of weight loss have it out for me! Allow me to recount the typical occasions where I would usually overeat that I have had to refrain from in the past two weeks. First, it was my birthday. The following day, it was my wife’s birthday. We spent the week after our birthday’s at Disneyland. Then, this week there was Valentine’s Day. That lovely holiday created by Madison Avenue to drive flower and candy sales. To me, nothing says happy Valentine’s Day and I love your stinkin’ guts better than a heart shaped pizza. Unfortunately, no pizza was consumed. 🙁


In fact, I am happy to report that I have held strong through all of the occasions listed above and I am down another 3.4 pounds. I am now down 24 pounds since January first!

I think the local pizza establishments are getting worried. As I have been refraining from eating at their restaurants, their profits are obviously hurting. I’ve begun seeing this missing sign with my face on it startegically placed around pizza shops in my neighborhood. 🙂

Nick - MIssing

Workout Log:

  • Monday = 4.0 miles (elliptical), 2.25 running (running)
  • Tuesday = 5.5 (running), weights
  • Wednesday = 4.15 (elliptical), 2.1 (running), weights
  • Thursday = 5 miles (running), weights
  • Friday = Rest
  • Saturday = 11.5 miles (running) – Longest run of the year!
  •  Sunday = Rest

Weekly Totals:

  • Running = 26.5 miles
  • Elliptical = 8.15 miles
  • Weigh In = DOWN ANOTHER 3.4 POUNDS (214.0) – 14 more pounds to reach my goal!

February Totals So Far:

  • Running = 56.85 miles 
  • Elliptical = 8.15 miles 
  • Total = 65 miles
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