I had a decent week of training. There were a couple of set backs, but overall I was able to stay consistent. My daughter woke up around 4am on Wednesday morning with a fever of 102 and at it was clear she was not going back to bed, so her mom and I held an early morning screening of Bambi or “Mambi” as my daughter calls it (her current favorite movie). Bambi was followed by Toy Story 3. Due to the middle of the night double feature, I decided not to go to the gym on Wednesday.

My daughter passed out half way through Toy Story 3. So did I. :)

My daughter passed out half way through Toy Story 3. So did I. 🙂










I returned to the gym on Thursday, still tired, but determined to keep myself consistent with my workouts. After only working out three days last week, I was thrilled to be down another three pounds when I weighed in! I now weigh 218! I’m down 18 pounds since January 1st and I am feeling stronger each week.

Workout Log

Monday = 5.05 miles (running), 30 minutes weights (chest)

Tuesday = 1.55 miles (running), 3.5 (elliptical), 30 minutes weights (legs)

Wednesday = No workout

Thursday = 6.25 miles (running), core work

Friday = No workout

Saturday = 6.25 miles (running)

Sunday = Rest day

January Totals (so far)… 

Running = 64 miles

Elliptical = 17.1 miles

Goals for next week = 25 miles (running or elliptical), 2 days of core work, 3 days weights, weigh in at 215 

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