It’s been a few days since Saturday’s marathon and I can safely say after watching my social media threads on Saturday and Sunday, your marathon experience is not over until you have had your post marathon splurge meal. In fact, I believe this is a very important part of a marathoner’s training. The promise of the delectable splurge meal that awaits you after the race can be what pulls you through the final 5k. If you have failed to plan your post race splurge meal accordingly, you could find yourself in dire straits as you push toward the finish line. 🙂

Although many of the food posts on Saturday looked amazing, ranging from burritos smothered in gooey cheese to a smorgasbord of different types of chocolate, my Facebook friend David Britt‘s wins the award for best post marathon splurge photo posted this weekend. I’ve taken the liberty of posting the photo below for you.

David Britt's Post Race Splurge

Word’s cannot express how much I love his photo. My hat is off to David Britt for truly giving everything he had to his post marathon splurge. If a picture is worth a thousand words, I have put a few of them together below in sentences I believe accompany this photo perfectly.

  • “This is the real reason I run.”
  • “I’m just getting warmed up.”
  • “No, I’m not sharing.”
  • “I can’t believe I forgot the pizza!”

My post marathon splurge meal is typically postponed a few days because I am, almost always, so dehydrated after a marathon that my appetite doesn’t fully return for at least a day or two. This Saturday’s marathon was no different. As I saw all of the pictures of post marathon meals on social media, my body was telling me it needed calories but I couldn’t bring myself to eat. When I finally did eat dinner on Saturday (around  6pm, after finishing the race at 10:45am), I could only eat half of the meal I ordered. My stomach had shrunk to much and I was still a little nauseous from the heat. Sunday wasn’t much better. I had to force myself to eat because I knew my body needed the nutrients to refuel. My appetite returned with vigor on Monday and I haven’t been able to curb my current case of “runchies” yet.

After my last two marathons I have given the same effort to my post race splurge as I have to the race. My problem is that my splurge meal has historically become a splurge month and, has on occasion, become a splurge year. My current dilemma is that I am in the middle of my latest lifestyle change (I’m down 50 pounds so far this year!) and I don’t want to fall back into my old ways. So far I have fought off the urge to splurge but it has been difficult.

The silver lining is I am not craving sweets as much as I did even a couple of months ago. My body is asking for carbs and LOTS of them. In an effort to exorcise the cravings from my body, I have placed photos of some of the items I am craving most right now below. If I put it out there that I am trying to avoid caving in to these foods, I will feel guilty if I give in to temptation and have to write a post on it. It may seem like faulty logic to some of you, but I absolutely HATE failing. If I have put it out there that I am going to avoid the items below, I am much more likely not to indulge. Now, without further explanation, the list…

1) Spicy Chicken Supreme Digiorno Pizza – It may be a frozen pizza, but it tastes great and is very affordable. I think it is a MUCH better than Pizza Hut or Little Caesar’s.


2.) Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch – Nothing washes down pizza like eating an entire pint of the best ice cream flavor ever created. If you think there is a better ice cream flavor, you’re wrong. Just sayin’. 🙂

Ben and Jerry's

3.) Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread – Don’t stop at devouring one bag when you have these. The second bag is only 99 cents. Eat both bags and the whole $5 hot and ready pizza and enjoy drifting off into one of the best food comas you can experience for under $10.

crazy bread

4.) Cheddar Sour Cream Baked Lays – If you haven’t tried these, go buy a bag now! You will become a better person. Feel free to eat the whole bag; they are baked. 😉

baked lay's

5.) Bottomless Seasoned Steak Fries – A couple of plates worth (at least 2-3) of these thick fries covered in seasoning salt accompanying a big juicy burger or steak and you will be treating yourself and your stomach to one of the best nights on the town you have had in a long time.

bottomless 2

So… do you think I am being too strict by not giving into my urge to splurge for at least one meal after Saturday’s marathon? I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

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Julie · May 23, 2014 at 12:40 am

I love this post! I usually have an upset stomach after a race and don’t truly get my appetite back for a day or so, so I don’t get the splurge meal as early as some of my other runner friends. I usually go for a big, juicy burger. My body craves the protein. I LOVE that you posted all the food that you wanted but were vowing not to have. I find also that if I put something out there and say “I’m not going to do this or that” publicly I’m much more likely to stick to my guns then if I didn’t announce it.

    nickbernard110 · May 23, 2014 at 1:28 am

    Thanks for your comment Julie! A big juicy burger sounds good right now:)

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