Every year, as I begin to map out my goals for the year ahead, I am forced to into a state of self-reflection as I review my goals for the year that is coming to an end. Saying that 2014 was a roller coaster of a year for me would be an understatement. Bulleted below are just a few of the items that have contributed to my roller coaster year in 2014.

  • I created Short, Round, and Fast
  • I started a new job at Ancestry.com in July. It is an AMAZING company to work for.
  • My daughter turned two in August. Her little energetic personality keeps Kimberly on our toes at all times.

Tamsin Home Alone

Short, Round, and Fast’s birthday also coincides with the end of the year. As the site celebrates it’s first birthday, I decided to take a minute to look back at some highlights from our first year.

I shared a few posts about my life long struggles with weight loss and mental illness

My Story Part 1: Growing Up Fat – http://shortroundandfast.com/story-part-1-growing-fat/

Nick 14yrs








My Story Part 2: Why I Started Running – http://shortroundandfast.com/my-story-part-…tarted-running/

Freshman Year

For Those That Suffer From Mental Illness http://shortroundandfast.com/suffer-from-mental-illness/










We celebrated the World’s return to the Boston Marathon

The World Returns To The Boston Marathon – http://shortroundandfast.com/world-returns-boston-marathon/


We Laughed

The Truth Of Running PSAhttp://shortroundandfast.com/truth-of-running-psa/

Runners, Yeah, We Are Different –  http://shortroundandfast.com/runners-yeah-different/

Runner's Yeah We Are Different - 1

Sometimes We Need To Laugh At Ourselveshttp://shortroundandfast.com/sometimes-need-laugh/

Marathon - NOun







I Ruffled Some Feathers With A Few Posts

Does This Series Of Ads Offend Youhttp://shortroundandfast.com/pearl-izumi-post/

Pearl Izumi - Offensive

What Is Real Beauty?http://shortroundandfast.com/real-beauty-post/

Slow Down












I Shared Some Great Moments With My Running Family

RA Family

RA Fam 2



Ogden Group

provo finish - the run aways


photo 1




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