Taking The 25 Days Of Christmas Cardio Challenge

Now that I just ate my weight at Thanksgiving dinner, I need to start getting more serious about my challenge to get my weight under 20o pounds. Fortunately, I think I have found just the thing I need to get started. The folks over at Run Like A Clydesdale are hosting a 25 days of Christmas cardio challenge. Details of the challenge directly from Run Like A Clydesdale are below…

The idea is simple … “POST” at least 25 mins of cardio activity a day, here on the Facebook event page! Your post can include pictures, videos, smart phone app stats, Garmin uploads etc. Be as creative as you like & inspire!

From December 1st until December 25th be inspired & inspire others by interacting and staying accountable and committed to at least 25 mins of cardio a day!! (Walking, jogging, running, biking, hiking, swimming, spinning anything to get your heart pumping and your body sweating). 

Be accountable by “Sharing” that have taken on the challenge by posting it to your Facebook network and invite others to the challenge. You will be challenging yourself against 100’s of others from around the world!

Head over to Run Like A Clydesdale and sign up to participate in the challenge. Good luck staying active and keeping your weight in check over the rest of the holidays!

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