Since posting part one of my story on Saturday night, I have been floored by the response. I have received so many kind messages from people all over the country that have been kind enough to share their experience of growing up fat with me. I have also had a number of parents reach out to me asking how they can best help their child that struggles with being overweight without hurting their feelings. I am trying to put together a post on talking to your kids about their weight in the near future to address these questions. I have even asked my mother to write a post for me detailing how she dealt with raising an overweight child.

Much to my surprise, my post was passed along to a couple of awesome triathletes that do a weekly podcast. The podcast IMYearOne  (Ironman Year One) details how the hosts, who are both self professed larger athletes are preparing for their first Ironman. If you get a chance, please take the time to listen to these guys. They are a ton of fun and address common issues that all endurance athletes go through.

If you feel so inclined, you can listen to my interview by clicking the image below.

Podcast Interview

Thanks again to everyone for the kind words and support!


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