The St. George Marathon Course In Pictures (with Video Flyover) – Updated Video

I’ve always been a big believer in visualizing my races before I run them. As I have been preparing to run the St. George Marathon this weekend, I rediscovered a packet of post cards that was part of my 1996 race packet. The post cards show different points of the race to help runners familiarize themselves with the coursen(a note to the race organizers: I loved this addition in my race packet. I think it is time to upgrade the photos and to put the post cards back into our race packets next year). My nerves have been on edge as the race gets closer and using these post cards to take me through the course and help my visualizing of the race has helped ease my pre-race anxiety (a least a little bit). I don’t know how many of you ran the race back in 1996, so I wanted to post the cards for all of the runners doing the marathon this weekend. If you don’t get a chance to drive the course before the race, at least you will have some visuals of what you are going to be running on Saturday. I have also placed a Google Earth video flyover of the course for those that would like a more interactive experience as well.

Elevation Chart


The Starting Line

st george starting line

St George Marathon Start

Near Mile #1 (Elevation 5,240 ft)

Mile 1

Mile #4 near Brookside, Utah

Mile 4

Mile #6 –  near Veyo, Utah (you can see Veyo Hill rising on the left)

Mile 6

Mile #7 to Mile #8 – crossing the Santa Clara River Bridge to start your climb up Veyo Hill (a 250 foot elevation gain in under a mile) – Author’s note: don’t let this hill psych you out. It is early in the race and you should still be fresh

MIle 7

Miles #8 to Mile #13 – Dameron Valley. In my opinion this is the most challenging part of the course. You will be on a slight incline for four miles. Conserve your energy and do not worry about losing time. You will be able to make up for it in Diamond Valley.

Mile 8 - 13

Mile #13 to Mile #16 – Diamond ValleyMile 13 - 15

Mile #16 to Mile #18 – Drop into Snow Canyon (this is one of the most beautiful parts of the course! Take the opportunity to get lost in the scenery.)

Mile 15 - mile 16

Mile #18 to Mile #20 – Winchester Hills

MIle 18 -20

Mile #20 – You first see St. George

MIle 20

Mile #21

Mile 21

Mile #22 to Mile #23

Mile 22 - 23

Mile #23 – You enter the city for your last 5k and will get consistent, much needed, support from spectators from here on out.

mile 23

The Finish Line!

St George Finish Line

 Google Earth Video Flyover Of The Course

Good luck to everyone who is running on Saturday! I hope that I everyone has a great race and that I get to meet some of you!

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