I’m not a big fan of change. In fact, I HATE it! When I find something I like, I rarely branch out to try something new. Once I know what I like at a restaurant, 99.9% of the time, I will order the same thing from that time forward.

I am not much different when it comes to my running shoes. I have been running on and off for nearly 20 years and I have only tried a few different brands of shoes. I started off wearing Nikes in high school. This wasn’t necessarily because I had a strong affinity for how their shoes felt on my feet when I ran, Nike was just the only brand of athletic shoe I was really aware of at that age. Plus, I knew that Nike invented the running shoe market, so I figured that they had to be good shoes. Unfortunately, this was during the dark years for running shoes at Nike. Some of my friends parents that were seasoned marathon runners begged me to get out of Nike’s and into New Balance or Saucony shoes. After enough poking and prodding I eventually gave in and flirted with the New Balance brand. I can’t really elaborate on why, but New Balance’s shoes just weren’t for me. Around the time I gave up on New Balance, I finally got smart and went to a real running store to buy my shoes. The sales associate watched me run and analyzed my foot strike. Their assessment was that I had a neutral arch and decent form, I just needed a heavier sole to support my larger clydesdale frame. The associate suggested the Mizuno Wave Rider shoe and I have never looked back.

Being the loyal Mizuno supporter that I am, I have never considered trying Adidas shoes. My stance may just have to change after stumbling across this old series of ads from 1999 – 2000. These ads hit the nail on the head when it comes to the things that make runners different from the general public. The series entitled “Runners. Yeah, We’re Different” is simply brilliant. I’ve taken the liberty of placing all the ads that I could find from the series to brighten your day. Enjoy!

Runner's Yeah We Are Different - 1Anyone that has worked with me, or been my friend long enough, knows that I am prone to stretching at random (sometimes inappropriate) times and stretching in random places. I definitely have mimicked what the gentleman above is doing at the bank.

Different 9

Yup! I Band-Aid up before every long run or race.

Different 8I wear spandex to avoid having to use Body Glide or Vaseline but I know plenty of runners that do what the guy in the pic above is doing.

Different 7

I saw a woman doing this at the start of the Ogden Marathon (minus the tree for modesty).

Different 6

Women who are dedicated enough to be like the runner above deserve special admiration.

Different 5

Runner’s love to display the spoils of their racing exploits.

Different 4

Don’t act like you are not guilty of unleashing a mighty farmers blow that threatens to hit your running partner on a training run.

Different 3

Bill Hiatt and I have had fisherman look at us like this in Provo Canyon many times.

Different 2

This is how I feel like drivers look at me every time I run Suncrest.

Ad for Adidas " Runners yeah we're different" This what my shoulders looked like after the Ogden Marathon.

different 11

I lack the nipple rings to pull off this look, but you have to give this guy credit for being creative.

Different 10

I’m far too insecure to be like this guy.

How about you readers out there? Which one of these ads has your running most resembled? If it is almost all of them like me, which one are you guilty of most? For me, it is the random stretching. That is my trademark move.

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Joshua Snow Hansen · May 27, 2014 at 5:12 pm

Oh, these are hilarious. I totally change my shirt after a race from my trunk, but that’s about it.

    nickbernard110 · May 27, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    I won’t even change my shirt!

Laurie M. · May 27, 2014 at 6:38 pm

After Run the Buegrass (pouring rain and very chilly temps) I was sitting on a cooler in the “barn” and a man came over, put his foot right next to me on the cooler, and proceeded to take off his wet shoe and sock so he could tend to his nasty disgusting blistered toe. I offered him my seat and left!

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