Today is my 34th birthday. I suppose, like a lot of people, I tend to get a little reflective on my birthday. I think about where I have been in my life and where I am headed. When I take the time to look back, I am always amazed at what a big part running has played in my life. Bart Yasso in his book My Life On The Run said, “never limit where running can take you.” Bart has famously competed in races on all seven continents. He has run through Death Valley on pavement hot enough to melt the soles of his shoes, and he has run bundled up to stay safe from the severe cold of Antartica. Running has not taken me to as many places as Bart, but I’ve made a list below of some of the favorite places it has taken me on the road to 34.

1.) The Tops of Mountainsphoto (24)

2.) Running The Streets of NYC with 14,000 Strangers

NYC Half 10k mark with Caption

3.) The Joy of Qualifying For and Finishing The Boston Marathon

BQ smile

2011 Boston Finish

4.) Getting Covered In Mud During My First Dirty Dash

Dirty Dash

5.) Becoming A Race Pacer For Utah Race Pacers

Race Pacer

6.) I Became A Three Time Sub-Masters Division (30-40 year old) Champion In The Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay. Finishing As High As 6th Place Out Of 1,100+ Teams.

Ragnar Champions 2009

7.) I’ve Met Some Very Good Friends. So Many, There Is No Way I Could Picture Them All Below.

2010 St George Friends

I don’t know where my life will take me in the coming years; however, one thing I can almost be certain of is that running will be a part of it.


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