This is my first post in nearly three weeks. I could give a number of excuses about why I have not been writing, ranging from wanting to spend more time with Tamsin, resting after running my untrained marathon, or simply being super busy at work. In reality, it was none of those things that kept me from writing. The past three weeks have been filled with days of eating whatever I want, going to lunch with co-workers instead of to the gym, and watching Despicable Me with Tamsin on Saturday mornings (yes, we watched Despicable Me every Saturday morning for the past 3 weeks).

I wish I could say that I regret all the poor eating that I have done, but I don’t. I think taking a step back from the grind of putting pressure on yourself to fit in your miles and counting every calorie that goes in your mouth is healthy. The problem is, my current break from the grind has gone on too long. I posted earlier this week with a caption that read “my pants have spoken.” The day before I took that picture, I weighed in for the first time since May. In May, I weighed 191 pounds (down from 239 in January). As of the end of October my weight is, once again, north of 230 pounds. Am I disappointed that I have gained back almost all the weight I worked so hard to lose earlier this year? Of course I am. The silver lining to this prolonged period of very little running and eating heathly is that I have started to feel the urge to get out and run. I miss the ache in my muscles that comes from a good workout. I honestly have not felt that urge since May of this year. My overall burn out from focusing 100% of my efforts on running goes back about two years now.

With my urge to run and eat right returning, my thoughts have returned to the idea of getting more serious about making a change in my fitness routine and becoming a more well rounded athlete. I know that I will need help with this transition, so I have called upon my brother Matt to help me. Matt has consulted me on and off for years when it comes to my weight loss efforts. I have always pushed back on Matt’s instruction for me to lift weights to build more lean muscle and to speed my metabolism; however, this time I want lift the weights. When you wan’t to get more serious about weights, you want someone that trains and looks like Matt in your corner.

matt show

This shift in my routine will not be easy. As those that have read my blog from the start know, I am prone to posting my ambitious goals here accompanied by picture of Barney Stinson proclaiming “challenge accepted.” I am going to forgo posting my goal today. My only goal right now is to listen to Matt and to be consistent in my effort to become a more well rounded athlete.

To level the fitness playing field between Matt and I, I have challenged Matt to train for and run the 2015 St. George Marathon with me. While I am making an effort to lift more weights and run less, Matt will be making an effort to run more and lift less. He will be posting about his journey to prepare for his first marathon while I post about my journey to become stronger. I am starting to look forward to my new challenge and Matt is looking forward to his. We can’t wait to share our journey with you. We feel a lot like the two famous brothers from Chicago below when they proclaimed, “we can’t fail, we’re on a mission from God.”


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