4 Out of 5 Ain’t Bad – Weekly Accountability Report 3/6 – 3/12

I had a pretty good first week back on the taking my fitness more seriously wagon. I did 4 out of my 5 planned workouts and my diet was good with the exception of some Saturday night treats (I had Gummi Bears in honor of my friend Vince Massa). The week ended with the perfect motivation to keep pushing hard next week. I received a text with the screen shot below from my brother Matt on Saturday afternoon with the message, “not too bad for my first outdoor run in a year!”

Have you ever met someone that excels at every sport that they try? That is my brother Matt. His average pace of 8 minutes a mile is even more impressive when you factor in the fact that Matt has been a smoker for the last 25 years! It is like he saw the old cigarette ads that said cigarettes were good for you and his body believes it!

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This text from my brother had provided me with an abundance of motivation to carry me through next weeks workouts. Thanks for the friendly nudge brother!


A Missed Opportunity – A Runners Review of Patriots Day

A few months ago, after seeing the first trailer for Patriots Day, I wrote a short post asking if it was too soon to be making a movie about the bombing that took place at the Boston Marathon in April 2013. My own feelings were torn after watching the first trailer for the film. I felt that if the film was made by the right people with the intent of honoring the victims, first responders, and the runners who took part in the race, the film could be a cathartic experience. However, as a movie buff, I also know Hollywood’s track record for churning out films that are designed to manipulate the feelings of the American public about a tragic event to turn a quick profit. Of course, I couldn’t completely decide how I felt about the film until after I had seen the finished product, but the casting of Boston native Mark Wahlberg and the marketing campaign for the movie left me hopeful.

As part of the marketing push for the film, Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg took the time to produce a three minute video explaining why they were making the film. In the video, Berg says…

“We came to Boston to tell the story which honors those who were affected, and we were humbled and very thankful for the way they opened up to us and became partners in ensuring the story was told in a very authentic way.” 

You can view this promotional video below…