Epic Fail / Jump Start

Epic Fail

A little over a month ago, I enthusiastically proclaimed that I was taking the 25 days of Christmas cardio challenge that Run Like A Clydesdale was sponsoring. I failed miserably. I only worked out on 10 of the 25 days of Christmas days and I participated whole heartedly in consuming an inhuman amount of holiday treats. Like a true food addict, I topped my year off right on December 31st by treating myself to a large Hawaiian pizza from Little Caesars. When the woman at the cash register asked me if I would like a second order of bread sticks for only .99 cents, I replied “why the hell not?”

I went to bed on the final night of 2013 in a blissful food coma promising myself that in 2014 I would get my weight and diet under control.

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Weekly Accountability 12-8-2013

I did it. I survived my week without pizza! I also hit my weekly mileage goal. While I am happy, I  still did not hit my goal of doing core work three times. For this coming week, I have upped my weekly mileage goal by 10% to 27.5 miles and kept my goal of doing core work three times and of eating no pizza.

Workout Log

Monday = 7.11 (elliptical)

Tuesday = 5 miles (running)

Wednesday = No workout

Thursday = 5 miles (running)

Friday = No workout

Saturday = 8 miles (running)

Sunday = Rest

December Totals

Running = 18.00 miles

Elliptical = 7.11 miles

Cross Training = I need to cross train

Dietary Shortcomings

Top Ramen

Cheddar and Sour Cream Baked Lays Potato Chips (at least they were baked, right)

Peppermint Hershey’s Kisses

Goals for next week = 27.5 miles (running or elliptical), 3 days of core work, NO PIZZA.


Playing The Lottery: NYC 2014

I’m typically not a gambling man, but in an effort keep my motivational fire burning, I have entered the lottery for the 2014 NYC Marathon. I can’t wait to cross this finish line with 50,000 runners this November.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 11.51.19 AM

Why New York? I have a number of reasons that I want to cross this race off of my bucket list. First, the size of the event. The largets race I have ever run was the Boston Marathon in 2011 and it had 27,000 runners. I can’t imagine how much energy there will be at a race twice that size. Second, I have run the NYC half marathon and the rush I got while running through Times Square was amazing. I’ve read nearly two million people line the streets of NYC during the marathon. I want to experience the support of that many spectators first hand. Finally, I spent a large portion of my childhood in Manhattan. The race actually finishes only a few blocks from the first apartment my family had in NYC. It will be a good chance to travel for a race but to still feel like I am running on a home course.

NYC Half 1

What is the biggest race that you have run? Did you put in for the NYC Lottery?