Weekly Accountability 2-1-2014

This week was a good week, but a frustrating week. Anyone that has ever watched The Biggest Loser on TV knows why. Time and again there is a contestant that is doing their workouts and eating right and they put up a bad number at the weekly weigh in. I experienced that frustration this week.

I put in five solid workouts totaling nearly 29 miles and a couple of hours of weight lifting. I also continued to eat a healthy diet. In the end, I was hoping to lose another three pounds to bring my total weight loss since January 1st to 21 pounds. Instead, when I stepped on the scale I had only lost one pound.


The Road To 34

Today is my 34th birthday. I suppose, like a lot of people, I tend to get a little reflective on my birthday. I think about where I have been in my life and where I am headed. When I take the time to look back, I am always amazed at what a big part running has played in my life. Bart Yasso in his book My Life On The Run said, “never limit where running can take you.” Bart has famously competed in races on all seven continents. He has run through Death Valley on pavement hot enough to melt the soles of his shoes, and he has run bundled up to stay safe from the severe cold of Antartica. Running has not taken me to as many places as Bart, but I’ve made a list below of some of the favorite places it has taken me on the road to 34.