On Tuesday Nike announced that they were reviving one of their original shoe models, the Cortez.” In a move to help this revival gain adoption with the masses, they are releasing the Cortez in the colors made famous in Forrest Gump. This is the second Nike vintage shoe revival after their successful relaunch of the Pre Montreal Racer in 2012. I have not purchased either of the shoes, but if I did, it would be the Pre Montreal Racer. Mostly because I am a Pre fanatic, however, I like the colors better as well.

When I saw the announcement on Tuesday, I started wondering what all you runners out there think about this new trend of releasing vintage shoes. Would you buy a pair to train in? Would you wear them as a pair of everyday shoes? If you were going to buy one of the Nike revivals, would you buy the Pre Montreal Racer or the Cortez? Do you think this trend will catch on with other shoe makers, or will it be just another fad that dies out?

Participate in the poll below and let’s see which vintage Nike shoe emerges victorious! My money is on the Pre Montreal. 🙂

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