Gut Reaction – Cobra Kai

When I saw the first teaser poster for Cobra Kai (aka… The New Karate Kid TV Show), I thought it was created by an huge fan of the Karate Kid films that had too much time on their hands. The poster was followed by a 30 second teaser trailer the following day. The teaser trailer had Ralph Macchio and William Zabka returning in their iconic roles as Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence. Knowing that no fan could pull off that casting, I knew that, for better or worse, this sequel / reboot of the Karate Kid series was for real. I also knew that I had to make this the next film to be featured in the “Gut Reaction” series. So, here we go…

Poster –  2.5 Pizzas

Cobrai Kai Poster

Teaser Trailer 1 –  3 Pizzas

Teaser Trailer 2 – 4 Pizzas

Teaser Trailer 3 –  3 Pizzas

Official Trailer 1 –  4 Pizzas

I am surprised to be writing this, but I find myself like the direction this series appears to be going. I think we all expect Daniel to be the hero of this series, but this trailer makes it look like Johnny is the one that will become the new Mr. Miyagi like character. I’m willing to wager now that the final episode of this series will take place at the same tournament from the original film with Johnny and Daniel facing off in the rematch. When this happens, know that I will be cheering for Johnny to sweep Daniel’s leg, finish him, and put him in a body bag.

Any readers out there bold enough to bet against my prediction???

Has it really been 34 years since these three guys originated these roles???!!!

Karate Kid / Cobra Kai Cast

Bonus Material – Daniel is the Real Bully – 5 Pizzas

Overall Gut Reaction –  3.5 Pizzas

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