The Fall Movies I Am Most Excited For

Congratulations all you movie lovers out there; we made it! We have suffered through another summer of sequels and movies exploiting intellectual properties from the 70’s, and 80’s in an effort to assure large box office returns from consumers with an emotional attachment to these properties. Hollywood’s reliance on sequels and reboots has been particularly bad this year. Don’t get me wrong, as a movie lover, I supported a lot of these sequels and reboots at the box office, however, the fall movie season is by far favorite.

In my family, summer movies like Fate of the Furious and Baywatch are lovingly referred to as “Matt Movies”. The fall awards season movies are known as “Nick Movies.” My mom is fond of saying that, “Nick only likes a movie if you feel the need to take a Prozac after it.” While I personally don’t think that statement is an accurate representation of my taste in movies, I can’t deny that I do like movies that have heavier themes and depict life in a more realistic manner.

So, with the preface above, I give to you the list of movies that I am looking forward to this Fall. Each movie listed below is linked to it’s page with the poster and the trailer for the movie below the listing.

My friends know that I love a good lively debate, so feel free to engage me in the comments section below. Seriously, let’s have some fun with this.

Already Released

Wind River

I saw this movie last weekend and it was a solid follow-up to the director’s (Taylor Sheridan) last movie Hell or High Water. While the film doesn’t quite reach the brilliance of Hell or High Water, it is still the best movie currently in wide release. Jeremy Renner gives the best performance of his career and, he should be recognized by the Academy for his work. This film cements Taylor Sheridan’s place among the best director’s working in film.

Logan Lucky

Even with the stellar reviews, I was skeptical going into this movie. Steven Soderbergh’s films have always been hit or miss with me. This film hits on all cylinders. This movie would have been a train wreck in the hands of any other director, but Soderbergh pulls it off. Every character in this movie is fully realized and lived in. Every actor in the movie is playing against type and you can tell they are LOVING the experience. You may have missed your chance to see this movie in theaters, but you should definitely check it out when it is released on video. It is a lot of fun.

IT – September 8th 

The 1990 mini-series ‘IT” based on the Stephen King novel was the last movie to give me legitimate nightmares. I was 10 years old and Tim Curry’s performance as Pennywise absolutely terrified me!

I listened to the book earlier this year in preparation for seeing the movie this Fall and it was a truly amazing piece of work by Stephen King. In fact, finishing listening to the book so close to the release of the movie actually took away from my enjoyment of the movie when I saw it last night. There is just no way to adapt a novel that is over 1,000 pages long into a movie without some serious restructuring. That being said, the movie delivered in a big way. “IT” is a horror movie, but the horror scenes are not what make the movie good. “IT” is a coming of age movie in the vein of Stand By Me (also a Stephen King adaptation) that is about a group of kids during their last summer of true childhood before puberty and the realities of life change their world forever. Facing the horrors of what is going on in their town and the clown that is preying on them only enhances the real story that Stephen King is trying to tell.

Coming Soon

Brad’s Status – September 15th 

I only learned about this film when I saw the trailer while attending a movie last weekend. This is definitely a movie that my family will call a “Nick Movie.” Ben Stiller plays a dad that is taking his son to tour colleges who begins to think about his life and what he has accomplished compared to some of his friends from college. In the trailer, Stiller’s character says that while his friends went on to become rich and powerful, he works at a non-profit and has nothing to show for it. I fully admit that I am a sucker for the themes being explored in this movie. I love movies about fathers and sons, and I love movies that cause you to stop and think what is really important in life.

Stronger – September 22nd 

I already wrote a blog post about why I am excited for this movie. As a runner that has run the Boston Marathon, this is the movie I want to see made about that tragedy. Jake Gyllenhaal has shown himself to be one of the best actors working today and he looks to continue his streak of impressive performances with Stronger. If the trailer is any indication, I’d say he has kept his winning streak alive.

Battle of the Sexes – September 22nd 

I love a good movie that is based on a historical event. I don’t know anything about the match that took place between Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs, but I’ve liked nearly every movie that Emma Stone and Steve Carell have done during their careers. I imagine Stone and Carell will both be nominated for Oscars for this film.

American Made – September 29th 

I don’t care what people say about Tom Cruise (my wife HATES him), There has never been another movie star that has remained consistently bankable for 40 years. I don’t care about Tom Cruise’s personal life, I care that he has made a TON of VERY entertaining movies. I am particularly excited for this movie as it re-teams Cruise with Doug Liman and it looks like he might even try to do some acting in the movie!

Suburbicon – October 27th 

Directed by George Clooney. Starring Matt Damon. Script written by the Coen Brothers. Sign me up. Reviews coming out of the fall film festivals have been divided, but I’m giving Clooney’s direction the benefit of the doubt.

Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi – December 15th 

Do I really need to write anything here? I’ll see y’all at the theater on December 15th.

Downsizing – December 22nd

Alexander Payne has never made a bad movie and the reviews coming out of the Fall film festivals are calling this his best movie yet. I’m sold.

The Post – December 22nd 

A poster and trailer haven’t been released for this film, but it doesn’t matter. Steven Spielberg is doing a historical drama based on material that mirrors the current political climate in Washington DC. Add in the facts that the lead actors are Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep and you can start counting the Best Picture ballots now.






Here is an article from Variety that gives a good synopsis of the movie and a write up of why it is important that Hollywood still make movies like this one.

The Current War – January 19th (Should Get A Limited Run in December to Qualify for the Oscars)

This is another movie I just learned about last week. If you don’t know the story of how Thomas Edison and JP Morgan essentially stole the patent for alternating current electricity from George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla, you are in for a treat. Business can be brutal game and no one played dirtier the game dirtier than JP Morgan. Go watch the episode of The Men Who Built America about this story if you want to get a taste of what the film has in store for you.

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