I love to read. I primarily read biographies, memoirs, history books, business books, and, of course, running books. One of the reasons I started Short, Round, and Fast was because of how much I enjoy reading other runner’s blogs. I also enjoy reading whatever running stories I can find in the news during the week. I decided I want to share these articles here in case you missed reading any of them on your own.

Moving forward, I am going to try to compile a weekly content collective of articles I have read and found interesting during the week. Most of the articles will be about running and fitness related subjects, but don’t be caught off guard if you see articles about movie news in the collective as well. After all, movies are my other passion. I hope you enjoy reading the articles I have found interesting and I hope you will share articles that I may have missed in the comments.

The Content Collective: Volume 1 – Aug. 24th – Aug. 31st

RW 1973

  • The 30 best marathons in the entire world – A great list of marathons from all over the world. Get ready to add to your marathon bucket list. I personally added the Grand Cayman Marathon (pictured below).

Cayman Marathon

  • Grand Canyon Announces New Regulations for Runners – Groups of runners looking to do the popular 41 mile Rim2Rim2Rim run will now have to pay $125 for a permit to run the trail. How do you feel about this development? Do you think runners should have to pay to run in the Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon

MS Runner


  • 5 Things No One Tells You About Marrying a Runner  – My wife is very supportive of my running. For all you guys and girls out there that are thinking about getting serious with someone that you are dating, be sure to disclose there facts before you commit. You may save yourself some post marriage arguments if you are open about what you commitment to running will effect your relationship.

married runners

What did you read this week? Is there any articles that you found interesting that I missed? If so, please share them in the comments. I would love to read the articles you found interesting this week as well.

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