The Fall Movies I Am Most Excited For

Congratulations all you movie lovers out there; we made it! We have suffered through another summer of sequels and movies exploiting intellectual properties from the 70’s, and 80’s in an effort to assure large box office returns from consumers with an emotional attachment to these properties. Hollywood’s reliance on sequels and reboots has been particularly bad this year. Don’t get me wrong, as a movie lover, I supported a lot of these sequels and reboots at the box office, however, the fall movie season is by far favorite.

In my family, summer movies like Fate of the Furious and Baywatch are lovingly referred to as “Matt Movies”. The fall awards season movies are known as “Nick Movies.” My mom is fond of saying that, “Nick only likes a movie if you feel the need to take a Prozac after it.” While I personally don’t think that statement is an accurate representation of my taste in movies, I can’t deny that I do like movies that have heavier themes and depict life in a more realistic manner.

So, with the preface above, I give to you the list of movies that I am looking forward to this Fall. Each movie listed below is linked to it’s page with the poster and the trailer for the movie below the listing.

My friends know that I love a good lively debate, so feel free to engage me in the comments section below. Seriously, let’s have some fun with this.

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Stronger – The Boston Marathon Movie We Needed First

In the Fall of 2016 , Hollywood released the first movie based on the bombing that took place at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon. The movie’s star (Mark Wahlberg) and  director (Peter Berg) stated that their intent in making the film was to tell the story of the bombing in a way that honored the city and citizens of Boston and those who were affected by the bombing. The movie, Patriots Day, received mostly positive reviews from critics, however, the film failed to attract a large audience. 

As a marathon runner that has run the Boston Marathon and as movie buff, I personally thought that Patriot’s Day was decent movie that adequately paid tribute to the amazing citizens of Boston and their strength. With that being said, I walked away from the film deflated. Yes, the terrorists behind the attack had been caught, but the stories of those left dead and injured were left untold. The review I wrote for Patriots Day in January was titled “A Missed Opportunity“.

My review gave credit to the team behind Patriot’s Day for achieving their goal of making a movie that honored the citizens of Boston, but, in the end, stated that Patriots Day was not the movie I wanted to see about the bombing. I wanted to see the story of the people who had the strength to fight their way back from the brink of death. The people who learned how to live without their loved ones or their legs that were lost in the bombing. The people who carried on so the rest of us who were terrified by the events of that April afternoon could see their example of courage. The example that so clearly states to the terrorists who commit these dastardly acts that we will not live in fear of them and the human spirit cannot be killed by their bombs.

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