One of the things that I have always loved about running is that it is relatively cheap when compared to other forms of fitness. Sure, the cost of buying new shoes, all weather gear, and race fees can add up, but there is a plethora of ways to cut costs and keep yourself on the road. I have written multiple times this year about wanting to add more variety to my workout routine. Unfortunately, I keep running into the same road block. Trying new forms of fitness is expensive! A monthly unlimited pass for my local bikram yoga studio is $99 dollars. A monthly pass to my local regular yoga studio is about $100. A personal trainer to help with strength training? A minimum of $35 per half hour session or $280 a month to train twice a week. I considered trying boxing. The monthly cost? Over $100 dollars and the cost of buying the necessary equipment.

Imagine if there was a company or service that offered access to a variety of gyms, yoga studios , boxing gyms, cross fit boxes, karate dojo’s, and personal trainers all for one monthly cost? A company that offered this type of deal would definitely have me as a member. The good news is, a service like this does exist! We just need to raise our voices to bring it to our cities. Enter Fitmob.

fitmob homepage


I learned about Fitmob when I stumbled across an article about there latest round on funding on Fitmob launched in June 2013 in San Francisco and has been steadily growing the list of cities where their service is available since. The service costs $99 a month, but the amount of establishment you are granted access to with your membership makes the price more than worth it. Below, you can see a list of all the establishments you would have access to if you were a Fitmob member in San Francisco.

fitmob SF list

So how do we bring Fitmob to our cities? I suggest we all follow the steps below…

  • Go to and enter your email and zipcode. The more requests Fitmob gets for your area, the quicker the service will be brought there.
  • Let the Fitmob team know that you want them in your area by posting frequently on their social media feeds. I have linked to them below for easy reference.




If you are a gym or studio that is interested in partnering or know someone who owns a gym or studio that would like to partner, go to

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