I have a confession. My treadmill “Bowerman” is lonely. “Bowerman” has resided in my garage for nearly three weeks now and I have run on him a grand total of ONE time. Now, in my defense, “Bowerman” was delivered to my house with an “injury.” His incline motor was broken for two of the three weeks he has lived in my garage. I am happy to report that after a quick surgery performed by Nordictrack’s top “surgeon” / technician Bowerman is ready to train me.

I wrote a post a while back about the top 10 movie clips I use to motivate myself. I am sure that I will be using those clips as I get to work training with “Bowerman”, however, my new strategy¬†is to binge watch my way back into shape and I need to move up from YouTube clips to TV shows to keep my distracted while running.¬†Enter Nertflix. The average hour long TV show runs for 42-45 minutes on Netflix. I figure if I factor in a warm up and cool down, one episode of a show will be the perfect amount of time for a run.

bold strategy

Now that my plan to binge watch my way into shape is in place, I need all of you to suggest shows for me to binge on as I move forward with my journey. I’ve taken the liberty of placing a couple of shows I plan to binge watch below to get you started.











How I Met Your Mother










The Blacklist







House Of Cards










I look forward to your suggestions. Ready? Go!

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