Cobrai Kai Poster

Gut Reaction – Cobra Kai

When I saw the first teaser poster for Cobra Kai (aka… The New Karate Kid TV Show), I thought it was created by an huge fan of the Karate Kid films that had too much time on their hands. The poster was followed by a 30 second teaser trailer the following day. The teaser trailer had Ralph Macchio and William Zabka returning in their iconic roles as Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence. Knowing that no fan could pull off that casting, I knew that, for better or worse, this sequel / reboot of the Karate Kid series was for real. I also knew that I had to make this the next film to be featured in the “Gut Reaction” series. So, here we go…

Poster –  2.5 Pizzas

Cobrai Kai Poster


Gut Reaction – Ready Player One

I have felt like writing a new blog post for a while now. I haven’t been doing a lot of running lately, so my usual source of inspiration for new blog posts is currently dried up. While contemplating my lack of ideas for new posts, I realized that there is an event next week that I am extremely excited for. Steven Spielberg’s new movie Ready Player One comes out next Friday (March 30th). I LOVED the book the movie is based on and I am a huge fan of Steven Spielberg’s movies. So, I have created a new category of blog post on Short, Round, and Fast titled “Gut Reaction”.

Movie studios spend hundreds of millions dollars to promote / market their movies ahead of their release. The public’s response to this marketing, or their “Gut Reaction”, is what will make or break a movies opening weekend. The idea behind “Gut Reaction” is simple. I will rate my enthusiasm for an upcoming movie release based on the films marketing. My gut reaction to a films marketing will be ranked using a scale of 1 – 5 pizzas.

So, here we go. My “Gut Reaction” to the marketing for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One!

Poster – 5 Pizzas

A nice throwback to Drew Struzan‘s most iconic works. Many of you reading this post don’t know who Drew Struzan is and the amazing work he has contributed to movie posters, but, I promise you, you do know and love many of his posters.

Ready Player One One Sheet