Marathon Runner, Husband, Father, Movie Buff, Pizza Addict…

When it comes to my passions, moderation has never been my strong point. Whether it is my love for distance running, my love for consuming entire large Hawaiian pizzas by myself, my love of the movies, or my love of trying to be a good father to my two daughters, I approach each of these loves with equal vigor.
It is because of these dueling passions that I have had to lose the same 80+ pounds three times in my life. As I embark on my effort to lose the same 80+ pounds for a fourth (and hopefully final time), I have decided to share my journey with all of my fellow food addicts and parents that struggle with their fitness and weight loss goals out there in cyber space.
I am a firm believer that there is a strength in numbers and the accountability of being part of a team. If any of you parents out there have sacrificed your health and fitness to provide for your family and be there for your children are interested in improving your health and losing some weight, I invite you in my journey to reclaim my fitness.