With the St. George Marathon completed, I can now, once again, turn my attention to changing up my fitness routine. Over the past week, I have been researching different forms of cross training and ways to improve my diet. I thought about composing a post about the feelings I have had during my research, but I think the videos below can convey my thoughts far better than any words I could conjure up. Enjoy!

The video below is how I feel as I watch clips promoting any of the hundreds of at home workout videos on the market. Sorry Shaun T, you will never eclipse Richard Simmons shadow. ­čÖé

I’ve also looked into Crossfit. I love my Crossfit friends, they are as passionate as my running friends are about our sport. In fact the first rule of Crossfit and running is tell people that you do Crossfit or run. One of my co-workers┬áis encouraging me to do Crossfit. To help encourage me, he keeps sending me videos of Crossfit competitions. Little does he know that these videos are deterring me from doing Crossfit. Why? First, I get intimidated by how awesome and strong these athletes are. Second, the women in these competitions are more muscular than 99.9% of the men I know. I take nothing away from these women and their amazing fitness and accomplishments, but I prefer a woman with more feminine features. As I watch the clips my co-worker sends. I feel like I am watching Vira De Milo.

Diet trends come full circle…

Exhibit A: Juicing in the early 90’s. Jim Carrey pretty much sums up the juice evangelists in this clip.

Exhibit B: The current green smoothie craze. This clip from Jim Gaffigan says it all. “Can we stop it with the kale propaganda?” ­čÖé

Then there is my thoughts on food and weight loss in general. I hang out with a fit crowd and my fitness goals are a little more moderate than some of theirs. Kevin James says it best in the clip below. “My fitness goals are different than most peoples. I just do’t want my gut to jiggle while brushing my teeth. After that, it is pure maintenance!” — Just ignore the Greek subtitles, this is the only version of this clip that I could find.

I include the clip below for three reasons. First, it is a great insight into the mind of a food addict like myself. All food addicts are familiar with food math. Second, it is about my favorite food mistress; pizza. Third, it is too funny not to share.

Finally, another clip with incredibly precise insights into the mind of food addicts. The highlight of this clip? “I don’t stop eating when I am full! The meal isn’t over when I am full. The meal is over when I HATE myself.” — Author’s note, this clip has a few choice words. If you are sensitive to language, you may want to skip this one.┬á

So,┬áat the end of my first week of research, my journey to find out how I am going to diversify my workout routine and diet continues. Until I find what I am looking for…



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