The Fall Movies I Am Most Excited For

Congratulations all you movie lovers out there; we made it! We have suffered through another summer of sequels and movies exploiting intellectual properties from the 70’s, and 80’s in an effort to assure large box office returns from consumers with an emotional attachment to these properties. Hollywood’s reliance on sequels and reboots has been particularly bad this year. Don’t get me wrong, as a movie lover, I supported a lot of these sequels and reboots at the box office, however, the fall movie season is by far favorite.

In my family, summer movies like Fate of the Furious and Baywatch are lovingly referred to as “Matt Movies”. The fall awards season movies are known as “Nick Movies.” My mom is fond of saying that, “Nick only likes a movie if you feel the need to take a Prozac after it.” While I personally don’t think that statement is an accurate representation of my taste in movies, I can’t deny that I do like movies that have heavier themes and depict life in a more realistic manner.

So, with the preface above, I give to you the list of movies that I am looking forward to this Fall. Each movie listed below is linked to it’s page with the poster and the trailer for the movie below the listing.

My friends know that I love a good lively debate, so feel free to engage me in the comments section below. Seriously, let’s have some fun with this.

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