Two New Running Movies Coming in May!

I love a good sports movie. Lucky for me, sports movies have been a go-to genre in Hollywood for years. Sports movies can typically be produced for low to medium budgets and historically their box office returns assure the studio behind a film a solid return on investment.

The sports movie genre is typically represented by two types of films. The outrageously over-the-top comedy (i.e. Bull Durham, Major League, White Men Can’t Jump, Tin Cup), and the inspirational, almost always based on a true story, movie (Hoosiers, Rudy, Miracle, Hoop Dreams). Unfortunately, movies about running are typically few and far between. McFarland, the Kevin Costner led Disney film about an upstart cross-country team in a small California farming community that beat the odds and became 9 time state champions is the last running movie released by a major studio (Disney), and that was a couple years ago.

Although most of the Hollywood films that have been based on distance running have performed fairly well at the box office, runners are only treated to movies based on their sport once or twice a decade. With that being said, I have GOOD NEWS!



I have been getting the itch to write. Although my running has been going well, I haven’t had anything noteworthy to blog about. Short, Round, and Fast’s about page begins with the words “Marathon Runner, Husband, Father, Movie Buff, Pizza Addict”. While I am confident that I have spent plenty of time proclaiming my love for running, my family, and, of course, pizza; I have hardly spent any time writing about my love of movies. While I will still be doing posts about my running and Short, Round, and Fast super fans 1 & 2, I will also doing posts about my passion for movies. So, without further explanation, I declare like Ross from friends that it is time to PIVOT!

Friends Pivot