Commit To Something Versus Find Your Greatness

On a recent business trip to San Francisco, as my friends and I were walking down Market street, we passed a window with a large advertisement consisting of five nearly naked models engaged it what is best described as the beginning stages of an orgy. Of course, being the three 30 something red blooded males that we are, we stopped to take a quick peak at the ad and to see what the advertisement itself was selling? Our logical guess was that we were standing outside of a Victoria’s Secret store or some other lingerie shop. Our assumption was wrong. The advertisement was there to promote / sell memberships to the San Francisco Equinox Sports Club. The advertisement’s text proclaimed over the top of the scantly clad models, “Commit To Something.”


My friends and I immediately started rambling off a list of things we thought the ad was imploring us to commit to. Some of the ideas that came to our minds are listed below…