The Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps At Launch

Allow me to start this post by addressing all of the haters out there. I am aware that there will be many of you who will ridicule me and label me as an “Apple Fan Boy” for purchasing an Apple Watch. For the record, I prefer being called an early adopter or loyal Apple stock-holder that really wants this product to be a hit to help his retirement savings. 🙂 Now that I have that out of the way, let’s get down to business.


As evidenced by the fact that I operate this blog, I am a fitness/running enthusiast. My diet and waistline don’t always reflect that passion, but I am an enthusiast just the same. As a consequence of being a fitness/running enthusiast, I have owned a number of fitness devices over the years. I’ll spare you the drudgery of taking you through the entire list of fitness devices that I have owned over the years and will only name the devices that were created to be worn on the wrist. The products are bulleted below in the order that they were purchased.