Best Nike Vintage Shoe Revival?

On Tuesday Nike announced that they were reviving one of their original shoe models, the Cortez.” In a move to help this revival gain adoption with the masses, they are releasing the Cortez in the colors made famous in Forrest Gump. This is the second Nike vintage shoe revival after their successful relaunch of the Pre Montreal Racer in 2012. I have not purchased either of the shoes, but if I did, it would be the Pre Montreal Racer. Mostly because I am a Pre fanatic, however, I like the colors better as well.

When I saw the announcement on Tuesday, I started wondering what all you runners out there think about this new trend of releasing vintage shoes. Would you buy a pair to train in? Would you wear them as a pair of everyday shoes? If you were going to buy one of the Nike revivals, would you buy the Pre Montreal Racer or the Cortez? Do you think this trend will catch on with other shoe makers, or will it be just another fad that dies out?

Participate in the poll below and let’s see which vintage Nike shoe emerges victorious! My money is on the Pre Montreal. 🙂

My New Workout Partner

Most people I know that have fitness related goals like to kick of their weight loss journey by making a New Year’s resolution and making a big push at the end of the year. Not me! I have always been a late bloomer. In fact, I have worked out very little since my last post nearly two months ago. That being said, my pants have spoken. Not my old 36 inch waist pants that spoke to me in December; my new 40 inch waist pants that I bought in January. Although I am still struggling with finding my motivation, my tight pants and difficulty catching my breath after climbing three flights of stairs at work are pushing me to finally take action.

Has anything changed since I last declared that I was going to jump start my fitness and weight loss routine? Absolutely not. I still prefer waking up and getting my daughter breakfast and spending a few minutes with her in the morning before work to getting up before dawn to hit the gym. I still prefer eating a large pizza and a pint of ice cream on Friday night to having to worry about the food I consume on date night negatively effecting my long run on Saturday morning. However, I need to start thinking about my long term health and how that will effect my ability to be there for my family the way that I want to be.

What will be different as I, once again, set out to lose 75-80 pounds? I have taken measures to limit the excuses that I have available to me. My go to excuse lately has been that I feel guilty leaving the house early in the morning before my daughter wakes up or leaving after my daughter goes to bed. To eliminate this set of excuses, I am moving my most time consuming gym activity (running) from the gym to my house. Enter my new workout partner, the Nordictrack Commercial 1750 treadmill. This lovely piece of machinery will reside in my garage starting tomorrow afternoon. Now, if I wake up early, I can go down and get a few miles in before getting Tamsin her breakfast. If I don’t wake up early, I can go to the garage for 3-5 miles after my wife and I put Tamsin to bed without the added hassle of leaving the house.

A picture of my new beauty… 🙂


The promotional video below shows just how awesome this treadmill is. It has a Strava type feature built into it (click here to read more about Strava and how it compares to other running apps). I can get access to interactive workouts thorough iFit. Perhaps the coolest feature is to be able to run and see any location that I plug in thorough Google Maps. If I want to train for the first half of the St. George Marathon, the treadmill will display the Google street view and will automatically adjust to the terrain in the GPS coordinates provided. This is going to be awesome when I am training for Vejo hill later this summer! Vejo hill is mile 7 of the St. George Marathon course. You can see how steep and long the hill is in the YouTube video below.

I am very optimistic that this new set-up will help me miss less workouts. Now I just need to develop a solid plan to curb my evening food cravings. I have no problem eating good until I get home from work. As soon as I get home from work, I want ALL THE FOOD in house. Oh well, as I have said in a prior post, baby steps!