The Best Holiday Gifts For Runners

Over the past week, while reading the news online, I have come across a number of lists saying they contain the best holiday gifts for runners. First, I saw the Runner’s World’s list of 11 Unique Holiday Gifts For Runners. Runner’s World’s list was followed by Fitbie’s 10 Great Gifts For Runners. The final list I saw was’s Unique Holiday Gift Ideas For Runner’s. While each of these lists had some worthwhile suggestions, none of them really struck a chord with me. So, in an effort to help the frustrated spouses of runners everywhere (mine included), Short, Round, and Fast has created their own list of the best holiday gifts for runners.

To make your holiday shopping even easier, I have embedded a link to the Amazon page of each product listed below. If you see something you like for the runner in your family, the purchase is just a mouse click away and will be delivered to your door already in  a box. All you have to do is wrap it; or, if you are like me, just place the unwrapped box under the tree with your runner’s name scribbled on top in magic marker. 🙂

I hope the list helps you find the perfect gift for the runner in your family!


Mizuno Wave Rider – A great shoe for all runners but a indispensable shoe for Clydesdales and Athena’s out there that need a thicker sole to protect their joints from the pounding of running.