Marathon Statistics 1980 – 2013

Recently, I got curious about the increase in popularity of marathon running. It seems that every week I hear about a new marathon in the State of Utah. When I left Utah in the spring of 1999, there were four Utah Marathons. As we approach the end of 2014, the amount of marathons held in Utah has risen into the double digits. Is there really enough demand for all of the marathons popping up around the country to be successful? Is running marathons really becoming more popular, or does it just feel that way because we live in a world where we are bombarded by media, both social and traditional, more than any other time in history?

I was able to locate marathon statistics that spanned from 1976 to 2013. As I reviewed the statistics, I was amazed at the yearly increase in the number of people running marathons. Indeed, the amount of marathon finishers in the USA has increased every year since 1976 (except for 2012 because the NYC Marathon was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy). I personally found the results fascinating and I want to share them with others that will likely feel the same.

Instead of presenting the marathon statistics to you in a spread sheet, I decided to put together the infographic below for easy consumption of the data. I hope you enjoy seeing the growth of our sport visually presented as much as I did!


2014 Recap: There And Back Again

Every year, as I begin to map out my goals for the year ahead, I am forced to into a state of self-reflection as I review my goals for the year that is coming to an end. Saying that 2014 was a roller coaster of a year for me would be an understatement. Bulleted below are just a few of the items that have contributed to my roller coaster year in 2014.

  • I created Short, Round, and Fast
  • I started a new job at in July. It is an AMAZING company to work for.
  • My daughter turned two in August. Her little energetic personality keeps Kimberly on our toes at all times.

Tamsin Home Alone

Short, Round, and Fast’s birthday also coincides with the end of the year. As the site celebrates it’s first birthday, I decided to take a minute to look back at some highlights from our first year.


Bring Fitmob To Your City!

One of the things that I have always loved about running is that it is relatively cheap when compared to other forms of fitness. Sure, the cost of buying new shoes, all weather gear, and race fees can add up, but there is a plethora of ways to cut costs and keep yourself on the road. I have written multiple times this year about wanting to add more variety to my workout routine. Unfortunately, I keep running into the same road block. Trying new forms of fitness is expensive! A monthly unlimited pass for my local bikram yoga studio is $99 dollars. A monthly pass to my local regular yoga studio is about $100. A personal trainer to help with strength training? A minimum of $35 per half hour session or $280 a month to train twice a week. I considered trying boxing. The monthly cost? Over $100 dollars and the cost of buying the necessary equipment.

Imagine if there was a company or service that offered access to a variety of gyms, yoga studios , boxing gyms, cross fit boxes, karate dojo’s, and personal trainers all for one monthly cost? A company that offered this type of deal would definitely have me as a member. The good news is, a service like this does exist! We just need to raise our voices to bring it to our cities. Enter Fitmob.

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