The messages started slowly, but they have been increasing in number and frequency…

  • “Come RUN with us!”
  • “We miss you!”
  • “Please come Saturday! We miss seeing your smiling face.”
  • “Nick… anytime you want to go for an easy three mile run to get you started-up again, just text me. I’m open almost any night.”

My wife has joined in with her own words of concern.

  • “You know I don’t care how much you weigh, but all of the dramatic ups and downs with your weight over the past couple of years can’t be good on your heart.”

Tamsin’s comment this morning was the final straw.

As I was getting ready for work, Tamsin was keeping me company and talking about how she was wearing her race shirt like daddy’s as I pulled on my ever tightening jeans. Then she asked, “daddy, are you going to run a marathon today?” I chuckled and told her “not today.”


McFarland, USA – The Running Movie You Have Never Heard Of, But Hopefully Will

Earlier this month, as marathon runner’s across the country tuned into the coverage of the 2014 New York City marathon, they were treated to a surprise. As the screen cut away from the runners signaling one of the broadcasts commercial breaks, the familiar green “The Following Preview Has Been APPROVED For APPROPRIATE AUDIENCES” label filled the screen. Instead of cutting away to a shot of Bilbo Baggins fighting the final battle in the seemingly never ending Hobbit series, the screen filled with images of farmers working in their fields accompanied by a voice over that said “welcome to McFarland. This is a farming town. These kids working here are invisible. They come from the fields and they go back to the fields.” Cut to an image of Kevin Costner, “Mr. White, if you are going to reach them, now is the time.” The screen then faded to black and the Disney logo that we all know so well filled the screen. As the screen fills again Kevin Costner says “My name is Mr. White. I’m your new PE teacher.” Kevin Costner, Disney, AND an inspirational sports movie? This can’t get any better! Then it did. How? Not only is this going to be an inspirational Disney sports movie staring Kevin Costner, it is going to be about a down and out group of kids and how running cross country changed their lives, their coaches life, and how their hard work and dedication to the sport lifted their entire community’s spirits.

Disney just earned my ten dollars.


Calling In Reinforcements

This is my first post in nearly three weeks. I could give a number of excuses about why I have not been writing, ranging from wanting to spend more time with Tamsin, resting after running my untrained marathon, or simply being super busy at work. In reality, it was none of those things that kept me from writing. The past three weeks have been filled with days of eating whatever I want, going to lunch with co-workers instead of to the gym, and watching Despicable Me with Tamsin on Saturday mornings (yes, we watched Despicable Me every Saturday morning for the past 3 weeks).

I wish I could say that I regret all the poor eating that I have done, but I don’t. I think taking a step back from the grind of putting pressure on yourself to fit in your miles and counting every calorie that goes in your mouth is healthy. The problem is, my current break from the grind has gone on too long. I posted earlier this week with a caption that read “my pants have spoken.” The day before I took that picture, I weighed in for the first time since May. In May, I weighed 191 pounds (down from 239 in January). As of the end of October my weight is, once again, north of 230 pounds. Am I disappointed that I have gained back almost all the weight I worked so hard to lose earlier this year? Of course I am. The silver lining to this prolonged period of very little running and eating heathly is that I have started to feel the urge to get out and run. I miss the ache in my muscles that comes from a good workout. I honestly have not felt that urge since May of this year. My overall burn out from focusing 100% of my efforts on running goes back about two years now.