A Few Thoughts

With the St. George Marathon completed, I can now, once again, turn my attention to changing up my fitness routine. Over the past week, I have been researching different forms of cross training and ways to improve my diet. I thought about composing a post about the feelings I have had during my research, but I think the videos below can convey my thoughts far better than any words I could conjure up. Enjoy!

The video below is how I feel as I watch clips promoting any of the hundreds of at home workout videos on the market. Sorry Shaun T, you will never eclipse Richard Simmons shadow. ūüôā


St. George Marathon 2014 – Short, Round, and Perfectly Adequate

In the coming years, when I look back on the 2014 St. George Marathon, I will remember it as one of the greatest races of my career and one of the most impressive things I have ever physically accomplished. Not because of my time, but because I never should have been able to finish as well as I did with the lack of training time that I had put in. I checked my training journal to see just how undertrained I really was. I had run a grand total of 14 times in the seven weeks leading up to the marathon with a long run of 10 miles one week before the race. As I typed that last sentence, one thought ran through my head. What the hell were you thinking?! There was no eating healthy. There was not one week where I had run more than two to three times, and there were no long runs of 20-23 miles. A reasonable person would have called off the race. In fact, I did call of the race in a post I wrote on September 5th. So why did I end up running a race that I knew I was not ready for?

I ran because I felt like a quitter for calling off the race.

I ran so my daughter will know that her dad does not quit when things get hard

I ran because I wanted to see my running family

I ran because I¬†wanted to continue on the path toward running 10 St. George Marathons so I won’t have to go through the lottery process (this year was my 6th St. George).

I ran because, quite frankly, I wanted to see if I could rise to the challenge that running a marathon so physically unprepared presented.

Finally, I ran because I wanted to prove to myself that I could still run the marathon distance, even if I am about 50-60 pounds overweight.


Still smiling as I enter the expo.


The St. George Marathon Course In Pictures (with Video Flyover) – Updated Video

I’ve always been a big believer in visualizing my races before I run them. As I have been preparing to run the St. George Marathon this weekend, I rediscovered a packet of post cards that was part of my 1996 race packet. The post cards¬†show different points of the race to help runners familiarize themselves with the coursen(a note to the race organizers: I loved this addition in my race packet. I think it is time to upgrade the photos and to put the post cards back into our race packets next year). My nerves have been on edge as the race gets closer and using these post cards to take me through the course and help my visualizing of the race has helped ease my pre-race anxiety (a least a little bit). I don’t know how many of you ran the race back in 1996, so I wanted to post the cards for all of the runners doing the marathon this weekend. If you don’t get a chance to drive the course before the race, at least you will have some visuals of what you are going to be running on Saturday. I have also placed a Google Earth video flyover of the course for those that would like a more interactive experience as well.

Elevation Chart


The Starting Line

st george starting line

St George Marathon Start

Near Mile #1 (Elevation 5,240 ft)

Mile 1