Win A Copy Of “Iron War”

Sometime this weekend Short, Round, and Fast will pass 50,000 unique page views. To celebrate this milestone, I am giving away a copy of Iron War by Matt Fitzgerald. This book is a great read for runners, triathletes, or anybody that just likes a good read.

I have loved sharing my victories and defeats with you. I look forward to sharing more as I continue to battle my dueling passions for running and eating copious amounts of unhealthy food. The next chapter of my journey should be a lot of fun as I try various methods of cross-training to supplement my running.

Enjoy the book!

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Why is it that I have to learn and re-learn all of the most important lessons regarding fitness over and over? This week, I am getting a brutal reminder that you should ALWAYS baby-step back into your fitness routine after a break. Like almost everything else in my life, the re-learning of this lesson reminded me of a movie. If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, the words baby-step should immediately make you think of the comedy classic What About Bob? If they don’t, I suggest that you call your parents and rebuke them for neglecting you as a child. 🙂

After not working out for about 10 days, I jumped right back into my usual routine on Monday. I have attacked all of my workouts this week like I had not just taken nearly two weeks off. As a result, I have walked around like zombie for the last three days trying to convince myself that my body it feels OK.

Slow Down

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What Is Real Beauty?

Please forgive the disturbing picture below. I came across it this morning and had such a visceral reaction to it that I felt that I had to share. Even before I had a daughter, this photo would have mad me extremely sad because of my own issues with my body image. However, now that I have a little girl, this photo not only makes me sad, it makes me ANGRY and scared for what the future will hold for my little girl when it comes to what her peers and the mass media will tell her real beauty is and who she is supposed to become.

Slow Down

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