Apparently There Was A Soccer Match Today

Earlier today one of my co-workers walked by and mentioned to our portion of the office that the game was on in the conference room if anyone wanted to watch and work. My reply? Oh, there is a game on? Which one? Everyone around me immediately looked at me with blankĀ stares that all conveyed the same message. Are you serious? Apparently there was a big soccer match today. Something called the World Cup? šŸ™‚ I may be the one person in my office that has no interest in the World Cup. You see, when it comes to me and sports, I have always had a one track mind. I follow distance running and not much else.

I have always been a little slow when it comes to following sports. My brother Matt, not so much. I remember going to a New York Giants game when I was about 12. While I sat there waiting for my dad to buy us hot dogs and other concessions, Matt rambled off statistics about nearly every player on the field. My favorite memory of the game was Matt leaning over saying, “you see that guy Nick? He has the smallest shoe size in the NFL.” Now that is dedication to knowing theĀ nitty gritty details about a sport.

My friends in high school were no different. The group of guys I hung out with the most were all starting lineman on our high school football team. I would go to their games and not watch a single play as I talked with friends in the stands. When the NBA playoffs and Finals were on, my friends would get so into watching the gameĀ that they would screamĀ at the refs on the TV. Their dedication to following sports didn’t stop at the major sports either. All of the guys were diligent followers of WWE. As my friends would watch, I would sitĀ in the corner and read my Runner’s World and Entertainment Weekly magazines.

The video below of Turk and JD from the TV show scrubs paints a perfect picture of how I fit in with the average male follower of sports. My favorite line in the video? “What’s this show? Is it new?” Turk’s reply? “It’s SportsCenter dude.” (you can stop watching at 1:08)

worst athelete ever


The Weekly Accountability Report 7-6-2014 – Injured Fourth of July Edition

Due to my ankle injury last weekend and the instructions I received from multiple medical professionals to take two to three weeks off, this weekly accountability report will be a little different. It is hard to compile a report of my workouts when I wasn’t able to do any. I thought about participating in some yoga classes (my favorite form of cross training), but there is far too much balancing on one foot or the other and my ankle wasn’t going to able to handle that. I thought about doing some extra weight training, but I have yet to overcome my dislike for pumping iron. After a lot of thought and consideration, I decided to treatĀ this injury and this downtime as a mid-season break. Anyone who runs long enough knows the importance of taking regularly scheduled breaks to recoup physically and mentally from the rigors of training.

I had taken work off for the entire holiday week prior to my injury with the intent of doing a lot of long runs without having to worry about getting done quickĀ enough to shower and get ready for work. I had also planned to take Tamsin on some hikes in the mountains so she could look for Bambi (her favorite thing to do when we are in the mountains, aka Bambi’s house). With a whole week of nothing ahead of me, I did what every bored and lazy American does, I turned on Hulu Plus and Netflix.

First, I got caught up on the latest season of 24. There is something cathartic about watching Jack Bauer torture and kill people without remorse. I have to admit, I am loving this new season. It has all of the familiarĀ 24 plot points; potential nuclear war, Jack isĀ a fugitive but the President gives him special permission to lead CTU during the crisis at handĀ andĀ multiple government agencies have traitors working for them (seriously, the US government needs to tighten up its hiring process if there are as many moles working for us as the series 24 says there is). Unfortunately, I only had two episodes to get caught up on, so I was left looking for a new show to watch.

24 lad


Giveaway! – $100 Gift Card For Your Next Pair Of Running Shoes!

I have heard a lot of people say that they got into running because it is cheap. There was a time when I agreed with this sentiment; it was before I had to pay for my own shoes, running clothes and race entries. šŸ™‚ As an adult, running can become quite expensive, especially if you buy new shoes as often as you are supposed to. Depending on who you talk to, you should replace your running shoes every 300-500 miles. If I replaced my shoes that often, I wouldĀ regularly be spending about $500 – $600 a year on shoes. When I add in race entries and replacing old workout clothes, I can spend over a $1,000 a year on my running. If I travel to a race like the Boston or NYC marathon, that number easily rises to over $2,000.

SinceĀ the costs of running can add up so quickly and because everyone favors a different brand of shoes, I will be giving away a $100 Visa gift card to go toward your next purchase. If you search around for deals on sites like, you can find a great pair of summer running shoes for $100. So go ahead and knock yourself out! Get a nice traditional pair of shoes like the ones below…

plain running shoe