The Weekly Accountability Report 6-15-2014 — Utah Valley Half Marathon

Last week I was of all over the place mentally and physically. I started the week with a lull in my motivation that was brought on by a nagging uneasiness in my stomach. I decided resting Monday would help me get over whatever was going on with my stomach. I was wrong. I ended up taking Tuesday off as well and the rumbly in my tumbly (yes I watch a lot of Winnie The Pooh these days) didn’t not subside. I filled my extra time by going on walks with Tamsin instead.

We took time for the important things in life like working on our selfies.




My Bucket List Marathons

Since completing my 11th marathon last month, I have been revisiting a question that I have asked myself numerous times in the past. How many marathons will I run before I finally hang up my running shoes (at least hang them up from running marathons that is)?Asking myself this question prompted me to sit down and create a bucket list of marathons that I want to do before I leave the marathon distance behind me. One thing became very clear to me as I was going through this exercise; I am nowhere close to being able to hang up my marathon running shoes.

After researching some of the races on my list, I am definitely going to have to start a savings account that is dedicated solely to paying for these races. The list below is a work in progress that will almost certainly be added to in the future. For now, in no particular order, my bucket list marathons are listed below. If you would like more information about any of the races, I have linked to their home pages for you.

The Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge Weekend

Reason for being on the bucket list: Dopey has always been my favorite Disney character. Also, I am drawn to the challenge of the four days of back to back races. I definitely would not be trying to set a personal best in any of the four races. This challenge would be about soaking up the experience and having a great time with my family while doing it; that and I think the medals are pretty dang cool.


dopey medal haul 2



How Do You Display Your Race Medals?

Every so often I get to thinking that I should display more of the medals that I have accrued over the years somewhere in my home. For how much time I spend putting in my miles every week, and for all of the weekend races I pace or run, my house is surprisingly void of any indication that I am a passionate distance runner. My current medal display is in my bedroom closet and looks like this.

my race medals pile

I currently only display one of my medals because it came from “The Race”, the Super Bowl of running events for all of us weekend warriors out there that will never run in the Olympic Games, The Boston Marathon. This shadow box currently sits atop the armoire next to my bed (please forgive the sub par photo. I’m definitely not a photographer).

boston shadow box2

I don’t know if I want to display all of my medals, or just the ones that have special significance to me, like the medal from my first marathon or the medal from the race when I ran my Boston qualifying time. The only thing I know for certain is that I need some help finding a good way to display more of my medals in my home. I need all you runners and triathletes out there to help me make a decision. Really, I am looking for suggestions from anyone who accumulates medals while pursuing their athletic endeavors. How do you display your race medals?