The Weekly Accountability Report 5-24-2014 – Recovery and Relaxation

Recovery week after a marathon is always a mixed bag for me. If I have run a good race (which I think I did last Saturday in Ogden), you are pumped up and want to hit the road to keep training to prepare for your next marathon or half marathon. If you are disappointed with your time or your overall performance, you want to keep training to redeem yourself. That being said, the extra time off after the long preparation you have put in to prepare for you race is also very nice. After the Ogden Marathon last Saturday, I took my usual rest day on Sunday and decided to treat myself to an extra rest day on Monday because I was so pleased with my time; that and, although my legs felt surprisingly good, I was still pretty drained from the heat and dehydration from Saturday.

Ogden Marathon Finish

On Tuesday, I decided to give myself a rematch against bikam yoga. As my post last week laid out in detail, about half way through my first bikram class, I was completely spent. I could hardly breathe and had to lay on my mat multiple times because I was getting dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out.

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The Urge To Splurge

It’s been a few days since Saturday’s marathon and I can safely say after watching my social media threads on Saturday and Sunday, your marathon experience is not over until you have had your post marathon splurge meal. In fact, I believe this is a very important part of a marathoner’s training. The promise of the delectable splurge meal that awaits you after the race can be what pulls you through the final 5k. If you have failed to plan your post race splurge meal accordingly, you could find yourself in dire straits as you push toward the finish line. 🙂

Although many of the food posts on Saturday looked amazing, ranging from burritos smothered in gooey cheese to a smorgasbord of different types of chocolate, my Facebook friend David Britt‘s wins the award for best post marathon splurge photo posted this weekend. I’ve taken the liberty of posting the photo below for you.

David Britt's Post Race Splurge

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The Truth Of Running – PSA

Late last night an old co-worker of mine posted the video below to my Facebook page saying “Nick Bernard. You are literally breaking your mothers heart!!!” Within minutes an old friend from high school chimed in saying. “It was only a matter of time till it showed up on your page Nick. I was on my way to post it.” Another friend joined in saying, “We all care about you Nick Please, get help!” 

With messages like the ones above, I had to watch the video immediately to see what I was doing to hurt my mother. After watching the video about the truth of running, I knew I had to share it with all of you that are also afflicted by the disease of distance running. I want all of you to do some deep soul searching and, regardless of your age, call your mothers to apologize for putting them through such trauma. Why can’t you just play video games like normal people?! 🙂

A few highlights…

  • “You’re literally breaking your mother’s heart!”
  • “I thought they were good kids, but soon he started wearing short shorts and t-shirts with bad puns.”
  • “Soon 5k’s weren’t enough, he started getting into marathons.”
  • “We gotta get back to traditional values like walking.”
  • “If you don’t eat your doughnut you can’t have broccoli.”