We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes

I’m not what you would call a spontaneous person. In fact, I am probably the farthest you can get from being a spontaneous. My idea of throwing caution to the wind is deciding to dine in instead of getting take out on date night; or if I am really feeling adventurous, making a last minute decision to see a movie in the theater instead of streaming one at home. I have no qualms admitting to being a homebody that gets homesick while making a trip to the local Costco. What can I say? I like routine and I despise anything that disrupts the normal day to day flow of my life. With that being said, I have been, at least for me, a little spontaneous lately when it comes to some of my fitness choices.

First, I signed up for the Provo City Half Marathon that takes place on May 3rd last week. Ever since my 17 mile long run at an 8:10 average pace, I have been tempted to see what I can do if was to actually race a half marathon. I have averaged around 1:46 for both of the 13.1 miles splits I have had during my long runs this year, and I feel that with the right course and rested legs, I may be able to run a 1hr 40min half. If I am having a really good day, I may even have a chance to run a little under 1hr 40min. Signing up for this race can hardly be called spontaneous, but I did do it on a whim. I typically decide which races I am going to do for the year months in advance and adjust my training accordingly. I am hoping that Provo’s mostly downhill course will help me run a satisfying time.


Weekly Accountability Report 4-19-2014 – Out Sick Again!

Y U No Get Healthy???

This weeks accountability report may be short. Why you might ask? The truth is, this week was nearly a complete loss. For the third time in three months and the second time in four weeks, I have been forced to rest from working out because I have been sick. This time it is even more frustrating coming off of the excellent week I had last week. The 17 mile long run at an 8:10 pace was a HUGE confidence booster. To follow-up my best mileage week of the year and a stellar run like that with having to take nearly a week off is less than ideal to put it lightly.


The World Returns To The Boston Marathon

Exactly one year ago today, the eyes of the entire world turned to the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon. Unfortunately, as everyone reading this blog already knows, the world was not watching because something miraculous had occurred; they were watching because of an act of terrorism.

I found out about the bombings from a co-worker who had seen a post on their Twitter feed almost immediately after the bombs had gone off. Knowing that I was an avid distance runner who had run the Boston Marathon, the only thing my co-worker could say to me after finding out was “Nick, go check the news. You’re going to want to know what’s going on.” I asked what site I should go to and I got the simple reply, “it doesn’t matter, any site will be reporting this story.” Needless to say, my interest was piqued. I immediately went into my office and pulled up cnn.com. Sure enough, the breaking news banner read “Bombs have gone off at the Boston Marathon.” My heart sank as the news soaked in. In a very short period of time, I cycled through a myriad of emotions. I felt concern for the many friends I knew that were running the race. I felt compassion for the victims and their families. I felt rage that someone would attack a peaceful event that brings out the best in its participants, everyone of them having earned the right to run the historic course through months (in some cases years) of personal sacrifice and dedication. I felt sadness that a sport that had previously commanded very little need for security would be changed forever because of the sick minds of a couple deranged individuals. I felt an overwhelming desire to re-qualify for the Boston Marathon so I could return to the race in 2014 to show the terrorists that I would not cower in fear because of their dastardly act of violence. One Facebook user summed up the way I felt perfectly when they stated…

“If you’re trying to defeat the human spirit, marathoners are the wrong group to target.”  – Mighty Brighties on FB