Let’s Talk Caffeine

As I sit down to write this post, it is 1pm and I have just popped the top on an Orange Rockstar to help fend off any risk of experiencing the dreaded post lunch time drowsiness that so often effects the American office worker. That being said, I have a confession to make. I kicked off the day with a Extra Strength 5 Hour Energy shot. I almost made it the five hours before opening my Rockstar. It is safe to say I have a problem. The image below pretty much sums up my relationship to caffeine right now. If a doctor offered to hook up a caffeine iv that I could turn off and on at will, I wouldn’t hesitate to say, “hell yes! In fact, why don’t you give me two.” With that preface, let’s talk caffeine.

Caffeine IV


It’s Time To Update My Running Playlist!

I’ve been asking my readers for a lot of advice lately. How to not get sick so much when you have toddler. Strategies for running a sub four hour marathon on low mileage and no 20 mile runs. This post is no different. My go to playlist of music is in serious need of an update. My current playlist consists of some all time favorites that have not been alternated out of the list since I had to dub the songs onto a cassette tape and lug around a huge $100+ Sony Walkman on my runs. This Walkman was bad ass in its day. It was state of the art and had five digital presets for my favorite radio stations. We can all thank whatever higher power we believe in for the invention of the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. The only downside of using an iPod when I run instead of the bulky Walkman is that my right bicep is significantly less developed from not carrying the bulky contraption on 10-20 mile runs.

stiller Jogging


The Weekly Accountability Report 4-27-2014

It was nice to have a solid week of workouts after missing most of last week. Being able to breathe through both nostrils definitely is not overrated.

Monday’s running of the Boston Marathon was the perfect shot in the arm of enthusiasm to get me prepared for the summer of running that lies ahead. When Meb crossed the finish line, I may have let the motivation his victory provided get the best of me. As I already posted about this week, I went a little crazy and signed up for a full marathon that I am drastically undertrained for. What can I say? An American winning the Boston Marathon for the first time in 31 years can lead a middle of the pack runner like myself to do some crazy things.