The Weekly Accountability Report 3-22-2014 – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Everything seemed to go according to plan this week. I was able to get all of my workouts in and end up with one of my highest mileage weeks since I started my journey to lose weight. More importantly, I was also able to achieve my goal of getting my weight under 200 pounds ahead of schedule (I’ll be writing another post on achieving the goal later)!

In addition to the thrill of weighing in under 200 pounds for the first time in years, I was treated to the surprise of being picked in the lottery to run in the 39th Marine Corps Marathon. I say surprise, because I had forgotten that my wife had entered me in the lottery. I vaguely remember telling her when she asked if she could put my name in the lottery, “why not, I’ll never get picked anyway in a race of that size.”

Getting picked in the lottery helped settle an ongoing argument I’ve been having with myself about whether I was going to run a marathon this year. Now, not only do I know that I will be running in a marathon this year, I know that I will be running in the largest marathon I have ever participated in. Even larger than the Boston Marathon. Simply put, I am very excited.

Marine Corps Marathon



No Matter What… Just Keep Moving

Over the past decade there has been a growing voice of concern about the rising rates of obesity in the United States. Everyone from health care professionals, politicians, educators, and even television networks have been raising their voices about the epidemic that is now facing America. The cries that 60% of Americans are obese are nearly impossible to miss.

While I applaud those that are trying to bring this important issue to the publics attention, I often find myself turning off the television pundits or stopping reading an article on the subject part of the way through. While I find this issue to be one of the most important facing our country at this time, I have a hard time listening to many who advocate the cause of helping America with obesity because many of them are speaking about an issue that they don’t fully understand.

You see, many of the people who are the most vocal on this issue have never walked in an obese persons shoes. They understand the importance of stopping America’s growing waistline but they have never struggled with their weight the way that many of the people they are speaking of do. I realize that the statement above is a generalization, but I’m fairly sure the numerous dainty news anchors I’ve seen (on any network) that may weigh 120 pounds sopping wet have not felt the full force of food addiction and the obesity that accompanies it. The truth of the matter is, the lifestyle change that so many advocate for the obese in this country is literally as hard as coming off an addiction to hard drugs for the obese.


The Weekly Accountability Report 3/15/2014 – So Close, Yet So Far Away

Let me begin this report by saying that I am usually a modest man. I rarely, if ever, take my shirt off in public. Even when I have been in great shape in the past, I would hardly ever take my shirt off at the pool or at the beach. With that being said, I may have gone a little crazy during my weigh in this week.

Proof. Me at the pool with my shirt on.
                               Proof. Me at the pool with my shirt on.

Allow me to set the stage… After having a bad end to last week due to coming down with a fever of 103 on Saturday morning and resting for the first three days of this week, I was expecting to, at best, maintain my weight loss from last week when I stepped on the scale this week. I even moved my weigh in day back by one day so I could at least have two solid workouts in before I subjected myself to the scale. As always, I closed my eyes as I got on (we’ve established in past posts that I am highly neurotic). When I opened my eyes, I was thrilled to see that I had lost 2.4 more pounds bringing my weight to 200.4. Wanting to be sure the reading was accurate, I got off the scale and got back on. The same number came up, 200.4. So FREAKING CLOSE to my goal. Here’s where things got weird. In an instant, my modesty went out the window. I figured that removing my sweat drenched microfiber shirt could give me the half pound needed to declare victory in my challenge to get under 200 pounds. Almost without a thought (and definitely not considering I was in a crowded gym), I removed my shirt and once again closed my eyes (like I mentioned earlier, I’m neurotic). When I openend my eyes I did see a new lower number. 200.0. Here I was having taken my shirt off in a crowded gym and this scale had the nerve to display a 200.0! I rapidly put my shirt back on still pumped up about the 2.4 pound weight loss but a little disappointed that I was 0.1 pounds away from being able to declare victory in my challenge (even if I did cheat by taking my shirt off). So here I set a half pound away from victory.