The Weekly Accountability Report – 3-29-2014 – Down Another 2 Pounds

The picture below pretty much sums up my week of training in a nutshell.


I went to bed Sunday night with a horrible muscle ache all over my body. I figured I would take Monday and possibly Tuesday off and I would be ready to work out hard the rest of the week. On Wednesday, while I still felt a little ill my wife and daughter came down with a flu bug. We were lucky that their sickness was short lived. After staying home on on Thursday morning to help out, I finally felt ready to go back to the gym on Friday. I ran 6.25 good miles and lifted my legs and felt good during the work out. However, almost directly after the work out I felt awful. I figured I just needed some food but the sick feeling progressed after I ate. I limped through work until about 1pm until I could not sit up straight anymore. I’ve been at home nursing myself back to health ever since.


Challenge Accepted! – Part 2

It has been a rough week. After completing my blog post declaring that I had completed my challenge to get under 200 pounds, I became sick with my second cold / flu bug in two months. Instead of moving directly into my next challenge to drop my weight to 185, I have only been back to the gym once since I published my post.

I can’t say that this lay-off has been all bad. I have not broken from my new dietary rules (the sick to my stomach feeling has helped with that), and I have had more time to think about what else I want to include in the second phase of my challenge to myself to regain my fitness. Aside from wanting to get my weight down to 185 pounds, my mind keeps coming back to one thing. The poster below sums it up perfectly for a movie buff like me.



Challenge Completed!

I started this blog with a challenge to myself to get my escalating weight that stood at 239 pounds below 200 pounds. In the words of one of my favorite TV characters Barney Stinson, I enthusiastically ended my first blog with the words “challenge accepted!” I am now happy to be able to say, I did it! Or as Barney Stinson would say…

Challenge Completed

I started my journey in earnest on January 1st after initially declaring it on November 28th of last year. I drug my feet a little bit (ok, a lot) and indulged in about a months worth of last suppers and splurges. From January 1st on, I have taken my challenge serious. Seventy nine days into this year I weighed in at 199.4 (my first time below 200 pounds in about 3 years). Below is a screen shot of the spread sheet I have kept of my weekly weigh-ins to check my progress.