Weekly Accountability 2/16/2013 – Down Another 3.4 Pounds!!!

I swear the gods of weight loss have it out for me! Allow me to recount the typical occasions where I would usually overeat that I have had to refrain from in the past two weeks. First, it was my birthday. The following day, it was my wife’s birthday. We spent the week after our birthday’s at Disneyland. Then, this week there was Valentine’s Day. That lovely holiday created by Madison Avenue to drive flower and candy sales. To me, nothing says happy Valentine’s Day and I love your stinkin’ guts better than a heart shaped pizza. Unfortunately, no pizza was consumed. 🙁


In fact, I am happy to report that I have held strong through all of the occasions listed above and I am down another 3.4 pounds. I am now down 24 pounds since January first!

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Throwback Thursday – My Best Running Moments Of 2011

I’ve always enjoyed reading the “best of” lists that appear at the end of the year. The best movies of 2011, the best books of 2011, the best songs of 2011, and let’s not forget the best fails of 2011 (God bless YouTube and the stuff people are willing to post for the world to see). After reading a bunch of these lists over the past few weeks, I started thinking about creating list of my best running moments from 2011. It has been a particularly hard year for me when it comes to my running and overall fitness. Due to having what I perceived to be a lackluster year, I thought I would have trouble coming up with a best of list. However, going through the exercise of compiling this list caused me to feel much differently about my last twelve months of running. Not only did I fulfill a life long goal, I created a ton of great memories with a stellar group of friends. I may not have set any personal records, qualified for any big races, or run as many marathons as I would have liked, but I did overcome the challenges placed before me by one of the worst injuries of my running career. The events of 2011 helped me to take a long overdue step back from the rigors of marathon training and to remember that I don’t always have to be in peak fitness to enjoy the simple pleasures of running a few miles with good friends and meeting new people that are just beginning to find out how much this sport, that seems so absurd to the masses, can change their life. Now, onto my best running moments of 2011…

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Vacation Reading – Part 2 (Epic Fail)

A few days ago, I posted about how I was excited to potentially get some reading in on my family vacation to Disneyland. I’ve been excited to read the book “Marathon Man” about Bill Rogers since it came out in April and I thought this would be my chance to at least get started. It was a nice thought. I not only did not read one page, I didn’t even watch a minute of TV to unwind at the end of the day. I was simply too thrashed from the nearly 16 miles a day of combined running and walking.

So for now, the book “Marathon Man” will stay on my to read list with other books like “Kings of The Road” and those are just the running books.

I suppose I am not the only runner / new dad that cannot find time to read. Any suggestions from you other runners / parents out there on finding some extra time to read and do other things like the occasional movie etc…?